How Long Does The Acft Take

Overview of the ACFT Test

The ACFT, or Army Combat Fitness Test, is a recent physical fitness test that replaces the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). The test is intended to assess a soldier’s physical readiness and is part of the Army’s initiative to enhance the overall health and fitness of its soldiers.

The ACFT test consists of six events, involving the deadlift, standing power throw, hand-release push-ups, sprint-drag-carry, leg tuck, and a two-mile run. Each event is tailored to evaluate distinct aspects of physical fitness, including strength, power, agility, and endurance.

The test is evaluated on a point system, with each event worth a particular number of points. The maximum possible score is 600 points, and soldiers have to score at least 360 points to pass the test. The minimum passing score is expected to increase to 450 points in 2023.

The ACFT test is compulsory for all soldiers and is utilized to determine their readiness to deploy. Soldiers are obligated to take the test twice a year, with a six-month pause between tests.

Generally, the ACFT test is a more comprehensive and challenging test than the APFT, necessitating soldiers to have a higher level of physical fitness. The test is designed to guarantee that soldiers are physically equipped for the demands of combat and the challenges of modern warfare.

Preparing for the ACFT Test

How Long Does The Acft Take Preparing for the ACFT Test

The Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) can be demanding, but with appropriate training, you can enhance your likelihood of performing well. Here are some suggestions to aid you in preparing for the ACFT:

1. Train frequently: The ACFT is a measure of your comprehensive fitness, so you should train frequently to improve your strength, endurance, and agility. Include exercises that are comparable to those in the ACFT, such as the deadlift, leg tuck, and sprint-drag-carry.

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2. Practice the events: Familiarize yourself with the events in the ACFT by practicing them frequently. This will assist you in identifying any shortcomings and working on improving them.

3. Develop a workout plan: Create a workout plan that consists of a range of exercises to improve your overall fitness. Be sure to include rest days to enable your body to recover.

4. Eat a well-balanced diet: Consuming a well-balanced diet is essential for maximizing your performance in the ACFT. Make sure to eat an adequate amount of protein, fruits, and vegetables to fuel your body.

5. Get sufficient rest: Adequate rest is essential for recovery and performance. Be sure to get enough sleep and take rest days to enable your body to recover.

By following these suggestions, you can prepare yourself for the ACFT and boost your likelihood of performing well on test day. Remember to train regularly, practice the events, develop a workout plan, consume a well-balanced diet, and get sufficient rest.

How Long Does Each ACFT Event Take?

How Long Does Each ACFT Event Take?

Every ACFT event has a distinct time requirement. Here are the estimated times for each event:

1. Three Repetition Maximum Deadlift: This event has a limit of two minutes. However, most soldiers will complete their three repetitions in under 30 seconds.

2. Standing Power Throw: Soldiers have three minutes to finish two throws. However, most soldiers will complete their throws in less than one minute.

3. Hand-Release Push-Ups: This event has a limit of two minutes. Soldiers can complete as many hand-release push-ups as possible within the two-minute time frame.

4. Sprint-Drag-Carry: This event has a limit of four minutes. Soldiers must complete a series of tasks, including a 50-meter sprint, a 50-meter drag, a 50-meter carry, and a final 50-meter sprint.

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5. Leg Tuck: Soldiers have two minutes to complete as many leg tucks as possible. The leg tuck requires soldiers to hang from a pull-up bar and bring their knees to their elbows.

6. Two-Mile Run: This event has a limit of 15 minutes. Soldiers must complete a two-mile run as quickly as possible.

It’s important to note that these times are approximate and can vary based on the individual soldier’s ability and fitness level. Additionally, there may be extra time requirements for setup and transition between events.

Understanding the Scoring System of the ACFT Test

How Long Does The Acft Take?

The Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) is a new fitness test that measures soldiers’ physical readiness for combat. The ACFT consists of six events that are designed to test different aspects of physical fitness, including muscular strength, endurance, and power.

Each event is scored on a scale of 0 to 100 points, with a minimum passing score of 60 points for each event. The six events are as follows:

1. Deadlift: This event measures lower body strength and is scored based on the maximum weight that can be lifted for three repetitions.

2. Standing Power Throw: This event measures upper body power and is scored based on the distance that a 10-pound medicine ball can be thrown.

3. Hand-Release Push-Up: This event measures muscular endurance and is scored based on the number of push-ups that can be completed in two minutes.

4. Sprint-Drag-Carry: This event measures overall muscular strength and endurance and is scored based on the time it takes to complete a series of sprints, drags, and carries.

5. Leg Tuck: This event measures core and grip strength and is scored based on the number of leg tucks that can be completed.

6. Two-Mile Run: This event measures cardiovascular endurance and is scored based on the time it takes to complete a two-mile run.

It is important to note that each event is equally weighted, meaning that each event is worth the same amount of points. In order to pass the ACFT, soldiers must achieve a minimum of 60 points in each event. Additionally, soldiers must achieve a cumulative score of at least 360 points in order to pass the overall test.

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Understanding the scoring system of the ACFT is important for soldiers who are preparing for the test. By focusing on their strengths and weaknesses, soldiers can develop a training plan that will help them achieve their best possible score on each event.

Tips for Improving Your ACFT Scores

How to Improve Your ACFT Scores:

1. Train Specifically for the ACFT: The ACFT takes specific exercises that require precise techniques. To perform well, you need to train specifically for the test. Focus on the six events and integrate them into your workouts.

2. Train with a Partner: Training with a partner can help you push yourself harder and stay motivated. Find someone who is also preparing for the ACFT and work together to improve your scores.

3. Focus on Your Weaknesses: Identify your weakest event and train specifically for it. For example, if you struggle with the leg tuck, practice hanging knee raises and other exercises that target your core.

4. Improve Your Endurance: The ACFT requires a lot of endurance, so make sure you’re incorporating cardio into your training. Running, cycling, or swimming can all help improve your endurance.

5. Work on Your Grip Strength: Many of the ACFT events require a strong grip, so make sure you’re incorporating grip training into your workouts. Grip strengtheners, pull-ups, and deadlifts are all great exercises for improving your grip strength.

6. Long Plenty of Rest and Recovery: Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and giving your body time to recover between workouts. Overtraining can actually hurt your performance, so listen to your body and take time off when you need it.

With these tips, you can take the ACFT and perform your best on test day. Remember, tips and dedication are key to success!