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Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) is a United States military facility located in Pierce County, Washington. The base is home to different Army and Air Force units, providing assistance for military operations around the world. One of the critical components of JBLM is the acft site, which acts as a center for aviation operations. In this post, we will take a closer look at the JBLM acft site, exploring its history, facilities, and the role it plays in supporting the military’s aviation needs. Whether you’re a military aviation enthusiast or just curious about the workings of one of the country’s most massive military bases, this post will provide insight into the captivating world of JBLM’s acft site.

Overview of the ACFT

The JBLM ACFT site provides an overview of the ACFT, the new physical fitness test that has replaced the Army Physical Fitness Test. The ACFT was designed to better assess the physical readiness of soldiers and to better align with the physical demands of modern combat. The ACFT consists of six events: the deadlift, standing power throw, hand-release push-up, sprint-drag-carry, leg tuck, and two-mile run. Each event is designed to test different muscle groups and physical abilities, including strength, power, agility, and endurance.

The deadlift measures lower-body strength and is performed by lifting a barbell from the ground to a standing position. The standing power throw measures upper-body power and involves throwing a 10-pound medicine ball as far as possible. The hand-release push-up measures upper-body strength and endurance and involves lowering the body to the ground and releasing the hands before pushing back up. The sprint-drag-carry measures speed, agility, and endurance and involves running, dragging a sled, carrying two kettlebells, and sprinting again. The leg tuck measures core and grip strength and involves hanging from a bar and bringing the knees to the elbows. Finally, the two-mile run measures cardiovascular endurance and involves running two miles as fast as possible.

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Overall, the ACFT is a more comprehensive and challenging test than the APFT, and it is designed to better prepare soldiers for the physical demands of modern combat. It is important for soldiers to train specifically for the ACFT to ensure they are physically ready to meet the challenges it presents. The JBLM ACFT site provides soldiers with the opportunity to train for and take the ACFT, ensuring they are prepared for their duty as soldiers.

JBLM’s ACFT Site Location

JBLM’s ACFT (Army Combat Fitness Test) site is situated on Lewis North, just off of Nisqually Road. The site is easily reachable from both the Lewis Main and McChord Field sides of JBLM.

The ACFT site has an assortment of gear and testing stations, including the sprint-drag-carry, standing power throw, hand-release push-ups, leg tuck, and two-mile run. The site is also outfitted with a pull-up bar and a designated area for the hex bar deadlift.

The location of the ACFT site on Lewis North provides abundant space for large-scale testing and training events. The site is encircled by open fields and wooded areas, providing a natural setting for physical fitness activities.

Overall, JBLM’s ACFT site is a well-outfitted and strategically situated facility that supports the Army’s focus on physical fitness and readiness.

Equipment and Testing Standards

Equipment and Testing Standards:

The JBLM ACFT site is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and adheres to the highest testing standards to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results. The equipment used includes the following:

1. Strength Equipment: The strength equipment used for the ACFT consists of a Hex Bar, Deadlift Bar, and a Bench Press. These equipment components are calibrated regularly to ensure that they meet the required standards.

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2. Conditioning Equipment: The conditioning equipment used for the ACFT includes a Two-Mile Run Track, Sprint-Drag-Carry Lane, and a Leg Tuck Station. These equipment components are regularly checked for accuracy and calibrated to meet the required standards.

3. Scoring Equipment: The scoring equipment used for the ACFT includes a Scoring Calculator and a Stopwatch. These equipment components are also regularly checked for accuracy and calibration to ensure that they meet the required standards.

The testing standards for the ACFT are set by the Department of the Army and are designed to ensure that the testing process is fair, equitable, and consistent. The testing standards include the following:

1. Standardized Testing Procedures: The testing procedures for the ACFT are standardized to ensure that all test takers are evaluated using the same criteria.

2. Grading System: The grading system used for the ACFT is based on a point system that is consistent across all testing sites.

3. Scoring Criteria: The scoring criteria for the ACFT are based on performance standards that have been established by the Department of the Army.

4. Safety Protocols: The safety protocols for the ACFT are designed to ensure the safety of all test takers and testing personnel.

The JBLM ACFT site takes pride in its commitment to maintaining the highest equipment and testing standards to ensure that all test takers receive fair and accurate evaluations of their physical fitness.

Preparing for the ACFT at JBLM

Preparing for the ACFT at JBLM

Before taking the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), it is important to properly prepare both physically and mentally. The ACFT is a arduous test that measures a soldier’s overall fitness and readiness for combat. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the ACFT at JBLM:

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1. Train specifically for the ACFT: The ACFT includes six events that are dissimilar from the previous Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). Make sure to integrate exercises that will enhance your performance in each event, such as deadlifts, power throws, and leg tucks.

2. Increase your endurance: The ACFT requires a higher level of endurance than the APFT. Integrate cardio exercises such as running or biking into your training routine to build up your endurance.

3. Focus on proper form: To perform well on the ACFT, it’s important to use proper form during each event. Make sure to practice each exercise with correct form to prevent injury and enhance your performance.

4. Fuel your body: Proper nutrition is essential for optimal performance on the ACFT. Make sure to eat a balanced diet and fuel your body with enough energy to sustain you throughout the test.

5. Rest and recover: Adequate rest and recovery is important for preventing injuries and allowing your body to recover from intense training. Make sure to prioritize rest and recovery in your training routine.

6. Mentally prepare: The ACFT can be mentally challenging as well as physically. Visualize yourself succeeding in each event and stay focused on your goals.

By following these tips, you can prepare yourself for success on the ACFT at JBLM. Remember to stay motivated and dedicated to your training, and always prioritize your health and safety.